Paul Minikin

Hello, my name is Paul Minikin. I am the managing director / owner of Digital Hearing Care Solutions Ltd. Part of the operation is HAB Hearing, a regional independent hearing aid supplier in the north of England with a large internet based hearing aid accessories element. We supply accessories to the UK, the EU and many locations worldwide. Another major part of the company is FM Hearing Systems, the leading UK supplier of the fantastic Phonak Roger system.


Microsuction and Ear Irrigation by HAB Hearing At HAB Hearing, one of the methods of ear wax removal we use is microsuction. In fact, microsuction is our first and preferred choice, if you like the ‘gold standard’. We offer other methods as well where necessary. We also offer ear irrigation and dry removal. Ear irrigation

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Microsuction vs Irrigation vs Dry Removal

At our audiology clinic in Silsden, West Yorkshire (mid way between Keighley, Skipton and Ilkley) our ear wax removal service uses three methods of ear wax removal – Microsuction, Ear Irrigation and Dry Removal. If you want to understand the difference between microsuction vs irrigation vs dry removal, then read on! Microsuction Microsuction is an

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